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Combined rescue units went to provide assistance to the most affected oblasts of Carpathian region

Published: 26.06.2020, 21:19

Combined rescue units from Volyn, Rivne and Chernivtsi oblast, as well as the 2nd Special Rapid Response Center of Drohobych City are already assisting to the colleagues from Prykarpattia and Bukovyna in relief operation.

Therefore, the combined rescue unit of Volyn oblast has included the forces and equipment of emergency rescue unit of special assignment, the 1st state fire and rescue unit, Kovel city district department, the 3rd state fire and rescue unit, the 6th state fire and rescue unit of the Department of the SES of Ukraine in Volyn oblast. 26 personnel are provided with first-aid kits, work clothes, suits, life jackets and shoes for work in flooded areas, as well as food for 3 days. Vehicles and special equipment, namely: 3 vehicles, 6 motor pumps, 2 boats and 2 diesel generators, tested for serviceability and fully equipped to perform the tasks in overcoming weather consequences.

The combined unit of Drohobych City have been already engaged to the works on clearing the local road and the stream course in the village of Lanchyn of Nadvirna district of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

In turn, the combined unit of the Department of SES of Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast together with the workers of the Basin Department of Water Resources of Prut and Siret rivers and the local population are continuing the works on strengthening the damaged and washed dams in the village of Banyliv of Vyzhnytskyi district by enlarging the body of the dam.

25 rescuers and 6 vehicles left Rivne oblast in order to help the Carpathian region.

The forces and equipment of the Interregional Rapid Response Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Romny, Sumy oblast) are also in standby mode.




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